J Kane

Pop X Hiphop

J Kane, the New York Hip Hop icon and hit song writer, is taking rap to places it's never been before. Poetry is an art form that allows an artist to explore the deepest thoughts of their mind. Kane has done something very unique- taken the art from something seen as unsophisticated, and put a clean pop twist on it. J Kane is a wordsmith, invoking emotion and speaking upon subjects from a different viewpoint and background.

Kane says "I am giving the people what they need"..." I want them to feel as deeply as I do. I try to convey that through my music by using the most accurate words that I can." "I try to mix the real, genuine 'me' with the music, so that I release a unique product."

Kane has struggled with and overcome many of his own battles, and thinks that  he has become a better person because of them. He values people for who they are intrinsically, and tries to take nothing for granted.

J has worked for some of the world's biggest record label organizations, and knows what it takes to write a hit record.Big things are coming from J Kane, as he is soon to release his debut EP and Album.


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