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J Kane is an artist, lyricist, and entrepreneur from New York. He has worked with two out of the three major record labels. His music is a true passion and consists of mostly hip-hop lyrics over pop, dance, and rock beats. Some tracks are fun and lighthearted, and others are serious and address political and societal issues- Kane is " a man that can do both".  He strives to expose truths through his music and paint a whole picture. Kane was recently signed by Concore Entertainment x Sony Music 'The Orchard' for his new single "Burn Burn Baby".

J likes a strong, steady beat and is a big believer that music should make you feel something inside. His influences are: Swedish House Mafia, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem,  and Lloyd Banks.

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'Burn burn baby' New track 7/31/20

New fiery single coming 7/31 Concore entertainment x Sony Music

Until It's Light is approaching 200,000 Streams on Spotify!

J Kane

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